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Complete mobile device lifecycle insights and BI portal
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As a service provider you are expected to be in full control over all operations, actions, and devices - all the time. mce Analytics enables you to see the big picture of a complete device lifecycle. Generate relevant data reports customized to your processes and journeys with full visibility over omni-channel actions and transactions, such as Diagnostics, Wipe and Content Transfer.


Key Benefits

Visibility is a big word, mce Analytics gives you the big picture or the small pictures you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Data from all channels (omni-channel)

  • Goal completion reports

  • Interactive drill down

  • GDPR compliant

  • Custom access levels

  • Export-able

  • Custom graphic dashboards

  • Specific report formats for selected KPI's

  • Identify trends

How Data is Reported?

Information is made available in two major venues:

Splunk-based Data Analysis Server: 

mce Analytics server (Splunk-based) provides an interactive experience for data exploration, rich dashboards and charts, and the ability to produce detailed tables for further analysis.

Server-to-Server Data Migration: 

mce generates data files for server-to-server data migration, for clients wishing to process raw data on their own.

Types of Analytics and Reports

mce Analytics includes dozens of dashboards arranged in tabs and sub-tabs. 

Data is presented in the form of graphs, gauges, summary tables, pivot tables, and simple tables. Some of the fields include drill-down hierarchies. Timelines can be shown in different date grouping.


Quick Response In-Memory Reporting

mce uses in-memory reporting technologies to achieve quick response times to selection and filtering. mce Analytics allows any data field to be filtered for specific values, immediately updating all displayed analytics and tables.

All fields and graphs are brush-selectable for speedy focusing on interesting subsets of data. mce Analytics provides data also in the format of tabular reports that can be exported to a CSV file.

Use Case Examples

Most Used Devices

The most used devices data is interesting for many reasons. mce breaks down the usage by activity type.

Predict Trends and Marketing Opportunities

For processes involving a new device, it shows the trends in provisioning of new devices. Devices with lower on-boarding activities may indicate a marketing opportunity on the one hand, or a technical issue on the other.

Insight into Specific Models:

For diagnostics and repair processes, the numbers provide an insight into specific models with specific problems. Such data is then escalated to the device vendor, to provide a fix. When high number of devices of the same model are involved in large numbers of diagnostics operations, it may also indicate the need to improve self-help resources.

Usage Dashboard

A Quick Review:


A general overview of the usage over time provides a quick overview of most popular activities, the number of unique devices involved, the number of workstations performing these activities, and the trend of usage.

Multi-Session Analysis

Efficiency is Key

Graphs that supply efficiency information of the retail solution originating in its multi-session abilities. In other words, how much time was saved since users did not have to wait for the system to finish one task before starting a new one.

Quickly understand where to invest in order to save time and money.

Diagnostics Report
In-Depth Device Statistics

The Diagnostics overview dashboard is designed to show diagnostics activities information such as Tests statistics table. This shows information about tests, how many times it was executed and what is its success rate. Identify software and hardware issues before it is too late and act to solve them.

Stations Status Report
Know Your Stations

Each PC running mce solutions sends a beacon with the machine status. Data reported also includes various warning and error notifications related to the operation of mce’s software and the PC itself. The “Station Status” group also include a detailed report that shows the health of the PCs, down to the single machine.

This is report is valued by IT and operation managers. For example, when a new software version is deployed, stations with non-recent versions can be pinpointed and treated. Stations running out of disk space can be proactively fixed, before the problem becomes disruptive.


Common Data Layer across all

solutions and services

Privacy and Security of Data

No personal information from the device content is sent out. Ever.
  • At Rest Encryption: Data is encrypted at rest, during its local temporary storage. It is also secured during its stay in mce’s data warehouse.

  • In-Transit Security:  Data is also secured while In transit using industry standard HTTPS encryption schemes.


Each client can see only their own data. Access to the Reporting Server is possible only with mce provided credentials. Login and usage of mce Analytics services are logged and monitored by mce.


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