mce Call-Center

Remote support and customer education for call-centers 
Professional Support

An incoming support call means something is wrong, and you are expected to be the hero that resolves it in a jiffy. mce helps you to provide care for on-the-go customers, diagnosing the device directly and resolving issues remotely.

Resolve on Call

There's a conception that voice support ability to resolve a customer issue has reached its glass ceiling. Standard call-center resolutions consist of billing and network solutions leaving device related faults to guesswork, verbal guidance and in most cases initiating an unnecessary repair procedure. Using mce Call-Center breaks this misconception, enabling support teams to get accurate device stats, diagnostics and the ability to run remedies and adjustments - all while keeping customer's privacy and dignity.

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Doesn't matter if the wallpaper is appropriate or not, support rep should never have access to it. Protecting customer privacy and support team liability is our first priority.

Supercharge Your Systems

No need to change systems, mce Call-Center is easily launched from a variety of industry leading ticketing and CRM systems.

mce's Turbo

We want to ensure success, we do it by designing implementation and integrations required to meet the perfect customer journey. Integrations includes SMS service, MyCarrier apps, Ticketing and CRM systems, knowledge base and BI tools.


Initiate necessary repair procedure keeping a complete record of all actions performed to save valuable time on the next device stop.


Main Functionalities

  • Privacy secured

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Remote Troubleshooting

  • Automated issue resolution

  • Guided step by step resolution - "Smart Suggestions"

  • Context based tutorials

  • Custom scripts per model

  • Omni-channel connected


Solution is not just about tools. In order to provide a great customer experience, mce offers you different tools to design business processes. With mce you can design your choice of customer experience that will be used across all your devices, all the time.

  • Increase in FCR rates (First Call Resolution)

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Expert level assistance at the Call-Center 

  • Decrease in Average Handling Time 

  • Increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score) 

  • Strengthening the service brand

  • Maximum privacy protection

  • Maximizing Repair Avoidance and NFF rates

  • Easily configurable and updatable 

  • Seamless transition between points of interaction

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Better Together

mce Call-Center and mce Mobile App achieves best results when deployed together. With multiple deployment options available, designing self-serve along with voice escalation journeys saves organization resources and project execution times.


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