Our vision is to maximize device value throughout the entire device lifecycle, from birth to retirement.
We interact with the device throughout its lifespan, ensuring maximum value for our customers.


It all started in 2005, when a group of developers working on what today is known as a Smartphone identified that having a good solid smart phone is not enough. End customers are buying a service and as such, they expect to get the best service in order to keep on doing business (today mainly known as NPS). The team started by removing the connectivity barriers, creating MCE-100 (Mobile Contacts Exchange) – the first SW based, easy to use Content Transfer solution for mobile devices, regardless of network, make, model or OS. MCE-100 was an immediate success with global carriers adopting and utilizing it daily to onboard customers, ensuring every new customer walks out with their device working.

Working with tier-1 operators, the solution expanded to offer full customer Onboarding which included multimedia transfer, account configuration, app side-loading and contacts prefix update. When onboarding new customers was fully covered, the team moved on to handle the returning customer, the ones having issues with their device. That’s when we launched our mce Toolbox product which added automatic device recognition, PRL flashing, SW flashing, OTA integrations, device reset and wipe – enabling standard store staff to perform sophisticated actions with minimal to no technical training. As devices and service approaches evolved, customer demands have increased and mce Repair Avoidance solution added SW and HW diagnostics, on-the-spot resolution and custom business processes that utilize all abilities to meet a business need.

The mce customer experience does not stop on the retail environment. mce became Mobile Care Experts providing solutions to all sales and service channels with: mce Retail – designed for brick and mortar stores sales and service actions, mce Logistics – designed for logistics and repair hub process automation and throughput expansion, mce Call-Center – designed to support end-customers on the go, educating them and resolving issues while securing their privacy, mce Mobile App – a white-labeled carrier or trade-in provider application that allows an accurate triage of device state, and mce Web – an Online self-serve technical support portal.

Each product is available as a standalone product or combined with the others to ensure a single ring of consisted services are provided to the end customer across all channels.

Our solutions are most known for their ease of use, flexibility, integration friendliness, bridging cross-department projects, security and most important – we are fun and professional to work with.

Today, mce serves operators, retailers, device manufacturers, insurance and logistics companies, helping to provide excellent customer experience across all channels, reducing costs and overall handling time while increasing NPS and profitability. Our experts see the big device life-cycle picture and use technology to overcome the barriers along
the way.



Yuval Blumental

CEO and Co-Founder

Kobi Friedman

CFO and Chief Operating Officer

Almog Ben-Harosh

CTO and Co-Founder

Chief Business Development Officer

Stuart Steinberg

Liran (Lee) Weiss

CCO and Co-Founder

Chief Commercial Officer

Eitan Linker


Shared values and teamwork are key to maintain a good reliable partnership.
We partner with OEM’s, Distributors, Integrators, device lifecycle Solutions Providers and Value Added Resellers.
Together with our partners, we build, deploy and maintain a variety of solutions to improve customer experience, reduce costs and increase profitability. 


We are always looking for partners that can help us increase the value we provide to our customers. Interested in becoming an mce partner? Let’s talk.



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