Solutions in the COVID-19 Disruption

During a global crisis, sometimes the right solutions can transform uncertainty into an opportunity.

mce offers immediate response for retail, call center and remote support for retailers and mobile operators along with long term solutions for a post-corona digital world. 

Retail Business Continuity

With many of the mobile retail locations closed or limited, customers are diverted to the call center and other digital channels. Digital solutions can provide carriers and retailers with the ability to continue to use their trained retail workforce, even from home. mce provides solutions that allows retail personnel to continue their sales and support activities from home while practicing social distancing. Keep the human touch and existing knowledge of your workforce even in a retail-less environment, and maintain a high level of services and availability.

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Automate and Improve
Call-Center Efficiency 

With the lack of retail availability and movement limitations (predominantly on the elderly) many customers are dialling up to the call center. Diagnosing and solving issues remotely on the customer’s device is anything between challenging to impossible. Lines are busy and frustration builds up as elderly people and technophiles are reluctant to be guided, while now completely relying on their telecommunication. mce call center and mobile app solutions allow anyone supporting mobile devices with an off-the-shelf, ready solution for the call center representatives. Improve first contact resolution, reduce call time, repair what really needs repair and keep NFF’s low and customer satisfaction high.

Empower Enterprise and SMB to Support Their Business Continuity 

Work from home policies and restrictions on public gathering has completely changed how people work in many types of businesses, large as small. 

Carriers support their Enterprise and SMB markets with solutions for the everyday needs of the business and should now support these businesses with their new telecommunications and IT needs.

mce’s solutions allow teams supporting SMB’s and Enterprises to support companies and their IT departments with a digital solution that allows them to support the @home employees, simply and effectively. Support the sale of new devices and accessories as well as maintenance and support of existing devices and services in a time where a non-working mobile device means ‘office closed’.

Engage and Market Your Response to Your Customers

Everyone is talking about COVID-19 and what their response to it is. Rise above the noise with real solutions that are appreciated by your subscribers. Proudly explain how your response is quick, effective and responsible. Show your digital path that is now being tested for real and select the solutions that will continue with you after the first phase of the pandemic into 2021.

Show your social responsibility and how you use your capacity to not only to survive the crisis, but to really help in ending it and creating an even better world after it. mce provides future proof, exists in the present solutions that your customers will appreciate. Be active not just with your budgets and workforce, but also with your IT computing assets and support programs such as Rosetta@home ( and FoldingFromHome ( 

Read more on Retail for COVID. 

Execute on a Working, Resilient Digital Strategy (that works tomorrow)

Digital transformation is in the works for quite a while for all mobile operators and retailers, but the need was not urgent or real and such were the decisions made. Times like this calls for a digital strategy (and execution of it) that satisfies the real and immediate needs of today, that can continue long into an uncertain future. There is no silver bullet solution, but a smart choice of a platform yields quick results tomorrow and no regrets the day after. mce’s lifecycle platform includes the learning (and technology) from over 15 years of field proven solutions. It is built on top (or rather underneath) a set of immediate value solutions that are fully deployed globally and allows you to move forward into the future, as fast as you can with your smart digital customer and device lifecycle.

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Reduce Operational Cost and Enhance Supply Chain

In the pre-corona world, margins were low and you had to control your spending on repair, return and forward logistics while you had to provide the best in class service. Covid-19 did not make this easier and social distancing restrictions affect how the logistics facilities are physically set up. Utilizing mce’s real digital omnichannel solutions allows to keep your head above the water, with improved efficiency in the logistics both from automation and the migration of work closer to the customer (mobile app, web, call-center and even retail). Keep devices up & running and quickly back to the customers when they need them the most.


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