mce Logistics

Intelligent Multi-port mobile device bulk diagnostics, data wipe and processing automation
Mobile Device
Processing Automation

Logistics operations are constantly changing. mce Logistics helps automate and increase efficiency for bulk device processors such as traders, operators, retailers, OEM's, insurance and logistics companies. 

Save Time and Space

Our ultimate goal is to increase your DPH (Devices Per Hour) rate with a side effect of unparalleled accuracy resulting in less working hands and less floor space. mce Logistics skips OOBE screens, activates devices and installs Wi-Fi profiles automatically. 

mce stopwatch
pile of mobile devices
High Volumes

To meet the volume requirements, mce supports Multi-Port USB hubs - up to 60 devices simultaneously and even more depending on hardware. Hot swapping is recommended.

Multiple Views

Exceptional UX allows operators to be in full control of all devices plugged in, processing maximum DPH (Devices Per Hour).

mobile device bulk grading
mobile device bulk diagnostics
IT Friendly

We believe that deployment and rollout must be swift, that’s why mce Logistics comes with built-in bandwidth control, ROM management, remote line configurator and label printer setup – all to ensure the operator starts the shift with a fully working station.

Mobile Phone Diagnostics

Andorid or iOS, phone or tablet – Diagnose device’s Audio, Display, Battery, Sensors, Camera, Connectivity,  Memory and Software quickly and efficiently.

mobile data wipe
ADISA mce data wipe certification
Certified Wipe

Our fastest in the industry data Wipe is certified by ADISA, ensuring GDPR full compliance with handling of customer devices. All Wipe operations are logged and can be retrieved via a dedicated portal or through an API.

API's? Yes!

Got API’s? Let's put them to work! mce Logistics support multiple IO API’s to make smarter decisions along the process flow; Use Webhooks with your own server to dynamically affect the process flow or utilize data API to seamlessly update your systems. Got 3rd party API’s? We'll incorporate them in as well!

Data Partners

Advanced Device Recognition (ADR) pulls Make, Model, Capacity, Color, Locks and more directly from the device, on top of that we've partnered with IMEI data providers to also include Blacklist Status, Carrier Lock, Fraud alerts and more.

Dedicated Logistics "Machine"

Some floors have dedicated stations for a specific task, we created dedicated “machines” for those operators taking the dedicated designation into full power by removing barriers such as USB debugging, or any on-device approval. A true plug-in plug-out only station.

mce logistics automations

mce Logistics can be used as a standalone solution or as a part of a larger omni-channel experience together with call-center, web, on- device app and retail solutions. Just imagine taking decisions on the spot based on user inputs, and device diagnostics history.

Optimizing Logistics Processing 

In order to achieve efficient, accurate processes, and cost-effective logistics processing- mce offers you to design your own line operations using different tools. With mce you can design your choice of line functionality that will be used across logistics floor stations. Easily create and enforce your business processes to meet your strict KPIs.

Auto Recognition
Health Check
Software Flashing

Example Configuration:

Features can bundled to a single line operation to meet its designation.





Print Label


Use your OWN grading logic, tailored or dynamically customized by your staff

Key Features 

mce Logistics main features include:

  • Battery, Screen, Sensors, Audio, Connectivity, Keypad and Camera test library 

  • Over 100 unique tests for Android / iOS

  • Unique UX to allow parallel multiple device processing

  • Webhooks API

  • Automatic label print

  • Automatic data export

  • ADISA certified Data Wipe

  • MDN Wipe*

  • Automatically skip OOBE screens

  • Configurable Processes

  • Software Flash*

  • Device locks detection

  • GSMA Blacklist check

  • Comprehensive ADR (Automatic Device Recognition)

  • Fastest operation time

  • Omni-channel ready

  • Thousands of models support with updates every month – that means you do not need to profile every device coming in

  • Integration friendly 

*pre-configuration required​

Forward Logistics

Create sets of gold builds with specific apps, accounts, profiles, configurations, media, contacts and wallpapers and deploy to all forward logistics multi-port stations.

mce forward logistics replicator
BI and Analytics

Everything is logged and tracked, enabling mce Analytics reports and dashboards, including real time floor manager dashboard and in facility monitors. The days of white board and markers are long gone!

Our experts will be happy to examine your current processing procedures and advise on best practices to increase DPH
(Device Per Hour) and significantly reduce human errors


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