mce Mobile App

Self serve, best in class device lifecycle on-device applications for Device Grading, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, Education, Content Transfer and Repair.
Care Goes Digital

The mobile user expects peak performance at all times. mce helps you to provide care on-the-go directly on the device to ensure low operational costs and high satisfaction level.

White Label Care App

Using mce Mobile app, your customer is empowered to engage with its mobile device in a way once reserved for store employees and care center personnel.
Using mobile care (diagnostics, issue resolution, and content transfer), Device Upgrade and Return journeys can all be initiated or resumed by your customers at the palm of their hands.

Content Transfer Direct 

Allow your customers to transfer content directly from one device to another as part of your offering. A simple, secure way to transfer content over WiFi at home, on the go, or at the retail location. Start anywhere, continue anywhere. Include content transfer as part of upgrade, trade-in, and other user journeys to improve conversion and remove barriers. 

Trade-In and Recycling

mce offers accurate device grading with a tailored user journey from teaser to completing a trade, customized to your needs and integrated with existing systems to maximize device value. No more processing mistakes and refund handling; you decide how to walkthrough potential or existing customers with notifications and decision junctions based on the quality of the used device to give maximum value.

Connecting Call-Center

Start the care operation and initiate call-center assistance in a seamless private experience. Enable your call-center to conduct diagnostics and apply remedies - all after granted authorization from the customer. 

App or Framework 

mce Mobile App is available as a standalone app which plays nice with the rest of the mce omni-channel suite or as a Framework enabling your existing app to provide diagnostics and care for Android and iOS devices.

On-the-go Solutions

On-the-go or in the comfort of their home, mce enables mobile users to get support when they need it. Empower your users to self-identify, troubleshoot, and resolve both software and hardware related issues.

Main Functionalities

  • Diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting

  • Automated issue resolution

  • Device to Device content transfer

  • Guided step-by-step resolution - "Smart Suggestions"

  • Context based tutorials

  • Omni-channel ready


Solution is not just about tools. In order to provide a great customer experience, mce offers you to design business processes using different tools. With mce you can design your choice of customer experience that will be used across all your devices, all the time.

  • Improve NPS and customer care experience

  • Repair and return avoidance

  • Reduce NFF

  • Reduce care cost and complexity

  • Advanced BI and data reporting

  • A good starting point for omni-channel experience

  • Easily configurable and updatable

  • Telco-grade

Availability and Launch

Available for both Android and iOS.

mce's on device solutions are available both as a standalone app or as a library embedded within your app.

Launch within 2-4 weeks!

man holding tablet

Care and Business Program Synergy

Self serve care app is a great starting point for many customer journeys.

When designed correctly it can drive adoption of services such as trade-in, extended warranty, and upgrades.

The mce Mobile App module can work independently or as a part of mce's omni-channel care suite. 


mce's mobile app can be used as a standalone app or as a part of a larger omni-channel experience together with our Retail, Logistics, Web and Call-center solutions.

The diagnostics app can be offered as a specific app for care, repair, and return or together with other services bundled into one app such as same unit repair, upgrade, extended warranty, lease return, asset tracking and more.


Off the shelf mobile care app

Deploy best-in-class mobile care app in the quickest time possible

mce provides an end to end care and repair journey application for Android and iOS.

mce's off the shelf mobile app is the quickest time to market option. Launch within 2-4 weeks - minimal internal resources are needed.

The app includes generic flows provided by mce.

Customize branding of logo, color, fonts, and language.

Pick and choose, out of mce tests list, which diagnostics tests will be available as a part of the generic application flow.

The generic application allows the use of process flow hooks to control the process and integration points for integration of customer services.


Tailor-made mobile care app

mce provides an end to end, fully tailored care application for Android and iOS

mce will create, customize, and optimize unique care application based on your specific requirements including a unique user interface, flows and tests optimization.

Tailored customer journey. Easily designed, implemented, deployed and updated.

mce will work with you to define the process, integration points and user experience for the app.


Application framework

mce provides a framework that allows to incorporate mce components and features into any 3rd party application

The embedded framework will allow your application developers to perform device activities without the need to develop extensive components such as Diagnostics, content transfer, lock checks, Data and BI, API's and more.

mce Mobile app framework existing features and business logic enable you to deliver advanced apps in a very quick time to market.


The framework can be used either behind the scenes (headless API) or with some level of user interface to the developing party discretion. 


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