OEM Device Lifecycle Solutions 

OEM Landscape

The IOT and mobile device market is one of the most competitive and innovative markets in the technology world today. 

Developing a new IOT or mobile device is a challenging task. New devices and features are constantly being introduced into the market. Time to market is critical. 

To shorten time to market, deploy the most competitive product, deliver the best customer experience , control and optimize the device lifecycle,  device OEMs need to focus on their core strength and integrate the best technologies and solutions in the market. Choosing the right partners can be the difference between success

and failure.  

While the main focus is on the device hardware and software, there is another aspect that is often overlooked by OEMs: the device lifecycle management.

Device lifecycle management cannot be solved by off-the-shelf products, nor by developing a solution from scratch.

mce is the worldwide leader in this industry. 

mce has a unique combination of technology, solutions and products with over 13 years of experience in this field. This enables us to deliver the best-in-class tools and solutions, tailored to your specific needs, successfully and in the shortest time

to market. 

All mce products and solutions are successfully deployed with customers globally, helping them achieve their targets and KPIs.

Device Lifecycle Management Tools

OEM / ODM Solutions Offering

mce offering for OEMs include:

•    PC/mac Driver development and certification
•    End user tools including: 

o    On-device apps
o    Web applications

•    Call center solutions 
•    Retail solutions
•    Service center solutions
•    Forward and reverse logistics solutions

•    Omni-channel device lifecycle management

mce’s solutions cover various use cases:

o    New device setup and on-boarding 

o    Device care

o    Device upgrade 

mce’s solutions can either work independently or together to create a full omni-channel customer experience. 

Key Benefits

Benefits include:

•    Differentiate your product 
•    Increase sales 
•    Improve on-boarding experience 
•    Increase customer satisfaction 
•    Reduce support costs and complexity 
•    Improve care experience 
•    Improve stickiness and reduce churn 
•    Content management
•    Advanced BI and data 


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