Omni-Channel Care Suite 

Mobile devices are an integral part of the customers’ everyday life. They expect the device to operate optimally at any given moment. 

Care starts when a device is bought and ends when it is returned. It covers all of the customer lifecycle.  

Most care events today are considered a negative experience. They create a negative NPS impact and are one of the main reasons for customer churn. Therefore, when a customer has a problem with the device, it is critical to provide the best care experience possible. 

Transforming Mobile Care

When done correctly, care can be a positive experience, increase brand loyalty and even become a sale and upgrade opportunity. 

Traditionally, improving customer care experience required massive investment and resulted in an exponential growth of operational costs.

This is where technology is needed to break this paradigm.   

Ideal Care Experience

The ideal customer care experience covers all care scenarios, across all touchpoints, and all types of users. 

When escalated between different touchpoints (for example: start at home, escalate to call center or come to the retail) it should be done in one, coherent journey. This is a true omni-channel experience.  

mce offers a set of care solutions. Each of the mce solutions can be used as a standalone solution. When combined together they enable the ideal omni-channel care experience. 

All mce care solutions include diagnostics, guided and automatic issue resolution and customer education. 


mce solutions will solve customer care issues

  • On the customer device using a self-serve app

  • On the support section of your Website using dynamic Web support

  • Community support- enable remote help from friends and family using the App and Web support

  • Using AI support 

  • In Call-center

  • At the retail environment

Key Benefits
  • Improve Care NPS and customer satisfaction

  • Reduce care cost

  • NFF reduction and repair avoidance

  • Guide and control the customer journey

  • Use care as trigger for new business (extended warranty, trade-in, upgrade, etc.)

  • Improve brand loyalty

  • Reduce IT and integration complexity and cost


Omni-channel is simple. Implementing a good, working omni-channel for mobile and IOT is not. 

mce believes that each customer activity and each customer interaction should be a part of a journey. Each part of the journey is defined by a combination of three elements – the user, the activity and the location (or interface).

The User
  • The customer, self-serve

  • The customer, assisted scenario.  With support from:

    • Friends and family (community support)

    •  Call-center rep

    • AI (such as Chat-Bot, Homepods, etc.)

    • Retail

  • Sales rep

  • Technical rep

  • Logistic line operator 

The Activity
  • Update

  • On-boarding 

  • VAS (Value Added Services)

  • Insurance

  • Upgrade

  • On-Boarding

  • Care

  • Return

  • Trade-In

The Location
and Interface
  • @Home \ On the go

  • On device app

  • Web

  • Call-center

  • Retail​

  • Logistic / repair center

mce approaches this as three dimension matrix

A real omni-channel experience enables a connected journey between touchpoints, users and activities.

It enables the customer to start an activity anywhere, continue anywhere and end anywhere in one continues journey. It also enables the customer to start with one activity and continue anywhere and end anywhere in one continuous journey. 
mce’s solutions covers this three dimensional matrix end to end. All users, at all touchpoints for all activities. 

This is mce’s full omni-channel package.
This how omni-channel should be done. 


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