• Julissa Allen

Converting frustration to satisfaction, a mobile care case study

Providing support and care in the mobile industry is nothing but pain-free.

The competitive landscape created an environment in which end users are less tolerant to issues and more sensitive to costs. They want their problem solved, NOW. If you cannot help them right away, you lose them. Loyalty is on a constant decrease and the barriers of switching carriers and/or switching to a new device are lower than ever.

This means that such 'sad' events need to be detected as early as possible, averted and converted to a 'happy' event. This requires a proactive approach, education, and presence in the end user's day to day world so that when the event is about to happen (or happens), the service provider is there to support and solve the issue.

It is not always possible to identify such an event before it happens. When it does happen, the end user is unhappy and wants the issue to be resolved. Here, the service provider has to provide the right tools and be able to control the situation so that the end user does not wander outside of the service provider's ecosystem to find a solution. If one does, he can easily be lured to migrate to another network for the 'prize' of a new device or service.

The magic happens when frustration is converted to satisfaction. mce provides solutions to predict, mitigate and convert unhappy events into a happy event. The result is higher customer satisfaction and lower churn rates.

A good example would be TELUS's Device Checkup (R) app, powered by mce technology that works both before and during a 'frustration' event.

It provides remedies and journeys to regain full satisfaction, all within the TELUS ecosystem.

It is not usual to get a high app rating for such an app, as many users start using the app when they are in a bad mood.

Nevertheless, the results in the app stores say it all:

CSAT and NPS surveys done by mce's customers, shows a direct connection between the implementation of mce's technology and processes to the scores for repair, return, trade-in and upgrade customer journeys. mce's solutions are true, end-to-end omnichannel solutions.

Contact sales@mce.systems to learn more on how to make them happy and keep them with you.

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