• Julissa Allen

Giving back to the community

Updated: May 26

Giving is in the heart and soul of mce and its employees. 2018 was a year full of small acts of kindness and I wanted to share some of the great things done to encourage everyone out there to just do good. mce's office renovation translated to happy kids and teachers in a school just south of Tel Aviv.

So heartwarming to get these pictures.

mce continued in its long tradition of blood drives. Every three months, mce hosts a blood drive where its employees, friends and family come to donate blood. This event is always fun with a never ending stream of hamburgers (meaty, veggie and gluten-free) and sweets to keep your sugar up after you've donated.

Shanti House - a home for youth at risk. mce's been working together with the Shanti house for a number of years on various rewarding projects. An amazing institute with amazing kids. To donate or volunteer click : https://shanti.org.il/3999-2/

Project NORA - helping people find their professional future and recalculate their career path. Every Monday, mce provides the space, office services and financial/personal guidance by volunteers.

Sharing is so rooted in the culture that employees initiate and endeavor on personal volunteer work sharing their knowledge and talents: mce's CFO, Kobi Friedman, volunteers at Naamat (https://www.naamat.org.il/), providing legal, financial and actuary consultation for women and couples going through a divorce. mce's legal counsel, Menachem Gellman, provides free legal aid to under-privileged populations.

Each and every one of us can find a little thing that she or he can do to make this world a slightly better place. And do it.