• Ralph Lat

Introducing - Cross Platform Content Migration

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

The latest addition to the fastest, easiest content transfer solution in the world, allows to transfer even more content when moving from one OS to another (Android to iOS / iOS to Android). Now part of mce Retail line of solutions.

What is Migration?

mi·gra·tion /mīˈɡrāSH(ə)n/ “movement from one part of something to another.”

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For mce, Migration means a robust and comprehensive movement of content from one device to another, exceeding the standard content transfer.

Migration has been a feature of mce Retail solutions for a while. Until now, it was limited to the same manufacturer or OS (i.e. iPhone to iPhone, Samsung to Samsung, Android to Android).

Now, Migration has evolved into its complete form, allowing REAL migration between different operating systems.

The new Cross Platform Migration option will allow store reps to transfer more content from Android to iOS and vice versa. Easy and fast.

How is Cross Platform Migration Better?

mce's customers face major challenges:

  • provide the best in class service: in this case, by providing customers with the best content transfer service

  • Shorten customer handling time in stores: in this case, by shortening the duration of the transfer, while not losing content

Cross Platform Migration enables mce's customers to improve performance on both counts, providing more content types in cross OS transfer, and dramatically improving transfer speeds.

How does it look? How do I operate it?

Well, Exactly the same!

No training needed, process stays exactly the same, simple and straightforward.

Only now, when connecting two mobile devices of different operating systems to the care and content transfer software solutions, the Migration option is available (previously only available for same OS mobile devices).

Same content transfer look and feel, same details presented. Less time, more content.

What does it transfer?

new cross platform migration transfers the following content types:

Contacts, SMS, images. videos, call Log*, wallpaper* and calendar* (* New)

How do I get it?

Cross Platform Migration is included in mce's 'mce Retail' line of solutions. If you are a customer of mce, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to find out how to enable it. If you are not yet a customer and want to provide the best service in store, contact sales@mce.systems