• Ralph Lat

Introducing Mobix - low cost high value offering

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

We are excited to announce our latest offering for carriers, retailers, IT departments and cell phone repair stores - Mobix (https://www.mobix.group).

mce loves big projects, filled with integrations and customization to best fit our clients needs and targets. Some of our customers simply need a good, reliable tool they can use to perform in-store content transfer, diagnostics and wipe - this is where Mobix steps in.

Mobix is a software solution, with no mandatory hardware other than existing store PC. Mobix offers store representatives a quick and easy way to better serve new and existing customers.

Mobix main features:

Content Transfer - selective or full migration.

Diagnostics - software and hardware fault diagnosis.

Wipe - safely remove user data.

With minimum training required, and cost effective price tag (starting at just $35) Mobix is changing customer care for independent shops, MVNOs and dealers.

Using Mobix content transfer helps on-board customers to a new device as quickly as possible. Diagnostics is handy for fighting DOA claims, NFF returns, accurate device grading for trade-in and can also be used to up-sell a repair when necessary. Data wipe protects business owners from privacy claims and misuse of precious user data.

Intuitive UI and specific per case graphical instructions makes sure rep only need to know how to plug in a USB cable.

Mobix was designed with retail IT and security in mind taking into consideration user privacy, IT compliance, and in-store customer journey.

Additional information and free 14 day trial available at https://www.mobix.group or contact sales@mobix.group.

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