• Julissa Allen

mce delivers a quick update to support iOS 12.2, restores battery health diagnostics

mce engineers work day and night to make sure you have the latest and greatest software. They add every mobile device, right before it is launched so you can sleep well, knowing that your retail, logistics center and the end users always get the best service, uninterrupted.

TL;DR iOS 12.2 update caused issues in battery diagnostics, we already fixed it for you. Keep your mce up to date.

The team also keeps close track of the OS (Operating System) updates made by both Google and Apple and update our framework to make sure the most exciting OSs are always supported.

I wanted to share with you how mce handled the last iOS 12.2 update that changed how iOS reports the battery data, which in turn impacted the battery health feature of mce.

As soon as Apple releases a new version, mce instantly checks it in its R&D lab and at our worldwide on-site quality assurance locations with our framework. The engineers noticed irregularity with the battery tests in our retail, logistics and on-device solutions. The data collected in our worldwide locations was then used to draw the conclusion that it is due to an undocumented change done by Apple with its iOS 12.2 update. This would have affected all iPhones and iPads eligible for this update.

Finding a fix for the issue was not easy, but the engineering team found it, coded it and then integrated it into a 'rush' software update. Well, it took less than 48 hours from the minute the Apple update was announced to the release of the mce software update that fixes it.

Almog Ben-Harosh, mce's CTO and co-founder said:

"As our customers rely on our software to provide service to their customers and operate their facilities, we have to not only given them the best solution but also the fastest response. This is a great example of how mce delivers the best in class support with the help of our great engineers."

If you're using mce, make sure your mce solution is up to date (version 12.7.2)

If you're not, maybe it is time to switch over for mce's unparalleled update speed. (Oh, and maybe you should check whether your battery health and diagnostics data is correct)

Now it is probably the time to sit back and enjoy reading the news in Apple's News+ in your iOS 12.2 powered device.