• Ralph Lat

mce expands partnership with North American carrier from store to distribution center

The parties have successfully launched the mce application within the carrier's reverse logistics operations. This is added to the long deployed retail and on-device solutions.

Diagnostics from the field, done either on-device with the carrier's mce powered app or in the retail location using mce's retail solution is now available in the warehouse.

When the mobile device arrives at the warehouse, the information is translated into action upon receiving mobile devices that were processed in-store.

Warehouse refurbish, recycle and repair operations are optimized, and no action needs to be done twice, thus saving valuable processing times.

This yields faster & more accurate processing in the warehouse and better turnaround time for the carrier's subscribers.

Yuval Blumental, CEO of mce said:

A great step in adopting mce's omni-channel solutions. More endpoints implemented with mce's automation translates to quicker ROI and more saving for our customer.

Using mce on all three touch points allows the carrier to provide smart routing, and optimized journey for mobile devices, with a system wide enforced smart-journey automation.

mce is now working with the carrier on expanding the services to more business programs and to also include the call center for a complete optimization of device remote processing handled by the call center.

mce's end to end device lifecycle optimization and enforcement solutions yeilds immediate savings, introduces new revenue streams, and improves CSAT and NPS.

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