• Ralph Lat

mce introduces Broken Screen Access

mce now offers the ability to communicate with mobile devices and tablets that have partially or completely broken screen. Simply connect any Android device to mce's solutions and with one click, perform all the necessary steps and actions to prepare it for action.

This feature is available for both mce Retail and mce Logistics solution lines.

Use mce’s solutions for new use cases:

  • Salvage broken screen devices

  • Perform Data backup and Content Transfer on broken or unresponsive screen devices

  • Precisely grade damaged devices for Trade-In, Buyback, Lease Return and Recycling

  • Faster activation for On-Boarding journeys

  • Fully automated activation and processing for mce Logistics solutions

Increase NPS by providing previously impossible services for your customers in store. Shorten processing time with mce during On-Boarding, Send-to-Repair or any business activity. Empower store reps with additional abilities with zero training.


mce's state of the art technology and expertise in the mobile world helps you get closer than ever to a future proof environment. In retail stores, repair centers or logistics facilities- Broken Screen Access helps improve performance and adds new abilities to the existing solutions. Enabling automation where it was never available before.


  • Mobile Device input control Control mobile devices through mce solutions using a keyboard

  • Perform actions on devices with broken / unresponsive touch screen Extract data from physically malfunctioning mobile devices and tablets.

  • Auto enable USB debugging Automatically activate USB Debugging mode to access all mce features.

  • Screen projection Project mobile device screen to the mce solution and see what's on screen, when the display is malfunctioning or broken.

  • Auto activation Fully automated Out Of Box Experience and Device Activation, allowing to activate faster, during a process without human intervention.

To learn how you can benefit from this new feature, contact sales@mce.systems or contact your mce customer success manager.