• Julissa Allen

mce launches Device Customization for Enterprise

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

mce introduces a new product to its portfolio: Device Customization for Enterprise. The solution was successfully launched with a major US carrier and is now available globally. If you service Enterprise corporations and implement their mobile device and IOT forward logistics, this solution is for you.

Using mce's innovative framework, this product provides a simple and efficient solution to customize mobile and IOT devices (any kind, any OS) with the enterprise applications, settings, policy and much more in the last mile of the logistics process. Process dozens of devices simultaneously!

A managed solution, including a back-office to design and define the content of different devices, for multiple corporate clients. Save time, money and provide new level of service with this cutting edge product a part of mce's mobile device life-cycle and automation technologies.

Available today.

email sales@mce.systems for more information.