• Julissa Allen

mce partners with PrologMobile

mce partners with PrologMobile to enhance and complete its reverse logistics and retail solutions. mce's framework is now integrated with PrologMobile's services and allows mce's customers to immediately enjoy the data and services provided by PrologMobile.

Such data include carrier information of mobile device, carrier lock, real time find my iPhone lock detection, blacklist data, fraud data and much more. mce and PrologMobile will continue to grow the breadth of data available to our customers.

"the partnership with PrologMobile is part of the expansion of our partner program and enables mce to give its customers easy access to a much broader set of capabilities and data through our selected partners" said Yuval Blumental, mce's CEO and co-founder.

The integrated solutions have recently been successfully launched with few of mce's customers and are in trials with several others. It proved to create immediate value for mce's reverse logistics customers with minimal to zero integration efforts at the client's end.

Seth Heine, CEO and co-founder of PrologMobile said : "PrologMobile's relationship with mce helps our customers acquire devices more cost effectively, and to make informed decisions about how to monetize these assets.  Together, we mitigate procurement risks and add value and velocity to used mobile device inventories."

mce is excited with the new opportunities this partnership opens for mce, PrologMobile and mce's customers.

About PrologMobile (https://prologmobile.com/):

PrologMobile brings transparency to the used mobile device market – reducing risk and adding value through comprehensive hardware and software grading analytics.  PrologMobile customers benefit by gaining a better understanding of their inventory, and by the ability to manage these assets more intelligently, from purchase through repair, re-marketing and reuse. 

About mce: mce is an omni-channel mobile device life-cycle solutions provider specializing in innovative technologies for the telecommunication arena. mce’s solutions enable device life-cycle control, device value optimization, operational efficiency and management improvement, cost reduction and control and the generation of new business. mce offers a combination of technology, products, solutions and expert consulting services that help design and implement successful projects. Both technology and solutions cover all touch-points including on-device app, web, call center, retail and reverse/forward logistics.