• Ralph Lat

mce reflow | open source contribution

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

mce continues to contribute to the open source community with its latest release of reflow (https://github.com/mceSystems/reflow).

Reflow is an application-flow and UI management library. It provides a set of utilities to conveniently manage an application UI directly from descriptive and clear business logic code.

Using strongly typed contracts between the UI components and the application's flows, one can use reflow to build a re-usable library of shared components, using any framework (if any), that will serve multiple applications with multiple flows.

Reflow's strength lies in the design that keeps the UI within a pre-determined and designed interface so that one can completely separate the implementation of the Visual, interaction layer and the business logic layer. This also allows to run multiple visual layers on one business logic layer.

Another strong quality of the library lies in its structure, which allows to easily obtain a remote connection between the application's flow and its UI. A reflow based application can then run on one machine, while it is being viewed and controlled from another (and even multiple other) machine(s).

Reflow is being used in all of mce's omni-channel, distributed solutions. It is used in mce Retail, mce Logistics, mce Mobile App, Call Center and Web solutions. Combined with mce's connectivity and business logic framework, it is a great piece of technology to support a true, modern, omni-channel solution suite.

mce powers digital transformation through technology and gives back so that the distributed UI model can be used to power omni-channel solutions.