• Julissa Allen

mce successfully launches Intelligent automation - A fully integrated reverse logistics solution

mce successfully launched a fully integrated solution with a major North American reverse logistics service provider.

The mce intelligent automation solution allows the customer to control and utilize the mce Process Engine and mce's features in real time at the logistics facility.

The solution retrieves information from the customer's ERP system that affects the process according to the device details and program's business rules set by the service provider.

By using the mce process engine layer, the service provider enhanced its business management rules and policies by identifying the connected device and perform only the required activities. This translates to better efficiency, higher device/hour yield and higher accuracy.

mce's logistics solutions are based on mce's framework, which allows simple and straightforward integration to control line automation. mce provides various integration methods, all of them are simple. The simple integration hook design has proved to allow minimal integration efforts from the customer and exceptionally fast time to deployment.

Benefits of mce's integrated intelligent automation:

  • Fully automated data flow to and from ERP / LMS / CRM system(s). No more manual update of various systems.

  • Agile program management. When a change to a customer program is required, this change is triggered using the ERP system and does not require an mce software update or configuration.

  • A robotics compatible system. It allows replacing the human operator in parts or the whole process by robotics.

  • Eliminate the need to have multiple lines for multiple programs. Each station can now process all programs without the need to re-sort the devices, introduce different flows to the operator or reconfigure the software.

  • Intelligent Device based decisions. Utilizing mce's ADR module, the system decides which operation(s) to perform on the devices processed.

  • Cross-system transparency. Information from ERP and CRM systems is automatically populated. Label printouts now include data from CRM and ERP. No manual copy and paste between solutions.

  • Save time, money and dramatically increase operational efficiency.