• Julissa Allen

North American carrier launches novel on-device mobile trade-in services powered by mce

For the first time, the new service moves mobile phone Trade-Ins out of the stores and into users’ hands

mce, a global provider of mobile device lifecycle solutions announces today it has successfully launched its mobile on-device Trade-In service platform with a major North American carrier.

The new service enables the Carrier's customers to trade-in their existing mobile devices with new ones while operating the entire trade-in transaction preparation via their mobile phones. The novelty of the service is in the simplification of the old-device evaluation process - a key step in trade-in. mce technology enables a complete automation of the process, seamlessly providing the customer with an actual device grading and accurate price quote for its old phone. The technology performs diagnostics of overall “device health” status and performance evaluation resulting in an accurate appraisal of the device real market value.

The carrier's customers using the new service, receive an actual price quote for their old phone without the need to go through an appraisal process in-store. They can then, arrive to any of the carrier's location to complete the actual Trade-In and get their new phone.

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He's talented, but ain't no genius. If he can do it, anyone can.

This novel technology and service puts the carrier in the forefront of customer service and mobile care providing significantly higher quality of service with reduced trade-in errors, smoother processing of device grading and ensuring best pricing to their customers.

Commenting on the launch, Yuval Blumental, CEO of mce said:

We have been working with this carrier for many years and admire their continuous quest for best in class customer service for their users. The new on-device Trade-In service represents a true Omni-Channel mobile care and puts them at the top of the mobile service providers, worldwide, in terms of innovation and customer care.

This service, now live, comes at a time where smartphone upgrades cycles are getting longer. Carriers, device OEMs and retailers are looking into creative ways to incentivize users to upgrade their mobile devices. High Trade-In value and ease of use are key factor for the player to differentiate and succeed in this mission. On-device, online, retail and logistics integrated software solution is the way to solve this.