• Ralph Lat

Open source? Yes!

At mce, we face great, and sometimes unique technological challenges.

Developing solutions spanning multiple platforms, including mobile, desktop and cloud, requires us to use and mix multiple technologies, languages and libraries, sometimes in unique ways.

Some of them are amazing open source projects, backed by active communities of developers.

One of our goals when working with these projects and platforms is to become a part of their community and give back by sharing our own projects and libraries with the community.

From contributions like bug fixes done by our developers, to internal node modules we thought others could use, to more unique node.js modules for working with USB and iOS devices, we've been sharing more and more with the open source community.

One of our latest, largest and cutting edge open source projects is node-jsc (https://github.com/mceSystems/node-jsc), a port of node.js to the JavaScriptCore JavaScript engine. The engine that powers Safari and iOS devices.

node.js (https://nodejs.org/en/) is a leading JavaScript execution runtime that is massively community backed.

node-jsc is the result of months and months of challenging work, exploring the possibility of making node.js work on top of WebKit's JavaScript engine and connecting the two large open source projects and communities for the first time.

We've released our working proof of concept on github, and started working with the community to continue the research, development and exploration of this technology.

mce would like to thank the open source community and to encourage all of you developers and software companies to SHARE the knowledge.