• Liran Weiss

Retail for COVID

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

mce joins the fight to help find a cure for the COVID-19 pandemic with unused retail computers and laptops

What is Retail for COVID, and how does it help?

mce has decided to join the forces of good to help find a cure for COVID-19. Retail for Covid aims to make it safe and simple for IT executives to donate spare computer power to support COVID-19 research. With Retail stores fully or partially closed, there are a lot of unused in-store computers that just sit there.

This effort contributes to the Rosetta@home project, led by the Baker Laboratory at the University of Washington, which employs distributed computing to support scientists and doctors finding treatments for COVID-19.

Help and demonstrate your brand’s social responsibility

Be genuine about your desire and commitment to the global and local community. Put to work resources that are already there within your organization to help the scientific community provide us with a cure . Be proactive in your response and be part of the forces that pull us out of the global crisis.

Join the fight

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I can never expose my network to such distributed computing project

You were probably right, if it wasn’t for mce’s virtualization platform that already allows tier 1 carriers and retailers to run ‘risky’ or non managed services in a restricted IT environment. Conforming to the highest security and privacy standards, mce’s platform can run applications in the retail environment without any risk to the computers, network or sensitive business and customer data. Think again, this is not exposing the network or the computers on your network to any of the outside world risks.