• Ralph Lat

Retail Service - From Home

COVID-19 forced retail outlets to close their doors, leaving highly trained staff unemployed during a time where customers consider their mobile devices and service most crucial.

mce’s remote care solution originally designed for secured remote call-center support comes in handy in enabling retail staff to do what they do best, serve their community.

Store staff are already trained in all business systems, know all plans and can easily communicate using the standard digital channels. That leaves one barrier - access to the mobile device, a barrier mce remote retail solution elegantly resolves.

Using mce’s remote solutions, retail staff can get back to work with their loyal customers. Working from home or a slower than usual store, retail service reps can now assist customers remotely without compromising the customer's privacy or health while reducing overload from legacy support channels.

The solution is comprised of a secured web-based portal and an iOS / Android application. Pairing the two components together results in a secured connection between the customer's device and the retail rep without sharing the device's screen or personal content.

The application retrieves relevant device health data and configuration, and enables the supporting retail rep to preform automated remedies remotely. Other than selective remote testing and configuration, the solution supports customization to enable customer journey teams to design and execute business processes that require a physical connection with the device, such as trade-in or insurance qualification, to be done remotely.

Similar to all of mce's solutions, the user interface is simple to use, and allows anyone to resolve customer's issues with their device. mce remote retail requires minimum training, can be deployed as a standalone solution using Google Play Store / Apple App Store publicly available mce Connect app making it available for roll-out, immediately.

It also plays nice in omni-channel experience delivery - contact us to learn more and see how you and your organization can benefit from this new service in both the short and long run.