• Liran Weiss

Understanding Digital Transformation Readiness (DTR) in the world of mobile operators

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

To make it simple, there is a massive gap between what mobile users need from their mobile experience and what operators can actually provide. Mobile users are more sophisticated today than ever, they require a certain level of experience that is ubiquitous with their online experiences like e-shopping, social networking, and others. What all these experiences have in common is - DATA.

The operator of the service uses user-permitted information to provide a smooth journey through service events such as on-boarding, orientation, and usage. They customize the journey to each user taking away redundant clicks, cumbersome admin, and segregated procedures. They do it because they have the data and they apply its content to all user touchpoints and interaction events.

Users are willing to share an ample amount of information about themselves if it will provide them with a clear return in terms of better customer service. An operator of any service simply has to have the infrastructure that is willing to cultivate this data across all of their business processes and put it to intelligent use.

Mobile operators are an interesting group that varies in terms of their readiness for such digital-based service ideals. Some of them still live in the past, providing pure voice and data connectivity with zero digital service orientation. They have continuously declining NPS (customer satisfaction score) and increase churn as users flee to more sophisticated operators. There is no question about the necessity of this migration or transformation to intelligent digital services, it is only a question of READINESS.

Digital Transformation Readiness (DTR) engulfs both infrastructure and corporate culture readiness for said transformation. It is both the integration of separate IT systems into a one hive-like operator service mind as well as the corporate mindset that have to be in check to move into the 21st century.

A simple diagnostics app or a call-center software upgrade just won’t do it. It is a multi-dimensional problem that has to be addressed by C-level and downwards with a true sense of urgency because the reality for nowadays mobile operators is simple:

Get Ready for Digital Transformation - or Die.

This piece is the first part of a series of articles on Digital Transformation Readiness, and how can it be used to plan and execute for success.

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