• Liran Weiss

mce introduces the mce Launchpad, a true user experience revolution

mce continues to innovate and introduces a complete UX makeover to the mce Retail and omni-channel solutions.

mce's product team has been collecting usage data over the last few years, including usage trends, success rates, UI surveys and processed it together with the business data they have received from our customers. Millions of mobile devices processed through the system gave them a good insight on how to make the solutions better, even more accessible, easy to use and productive.

Both the R&D and product team spent over 9 months in the re-definition, A/B testing, design and implementation of the new Launchpad.

The Launchpad is the biggest customer experience upgrade introduced to the mce Retail solution in 2019, based on mce's 3rd gen technology. It serves as a base to the virtually endless list of features available in the mce omni-channel solutions, a key component in mce's digital transformation package for mobile device lifecycle.

The Launchpad not only brings modern, touch-first design to the mce Retail solutions, it also uses the latest of mce technology:

  • Fastest device recognition time

  • Faster UI interaction

  • Fewer clicks

  • Faster business process execution

  • Ability to connect devices wirelessly (without USB cable)

  • Perform operations with and without a paired device

  • True omni-channel UX design (Amazing experience in store, web, on-device, tablet, big TV screen, etc.)

  • More languages supported

  • Fully brandable by design

Good news, the new Launchpad is already available for immediate deployment for all mceRetail Gen 3 customers. If you're not yet on Gen 3 (or unsure), you should contact your mce Customer Success Manager now.

Contact sales@mce.systems to learn more.

Multiple devices, laptop, tablet, phone, big screen all showing the launchpad
Launchpad brings a true omnichannel UX

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