• Julissa Allen

WhatsApp content transfer now available in mce solutions

mce adds support for the migration of WhatsApp content in all its mobile care and device lifecycle solutions.

mce's customers can now use omni-channel solutions to migrate WhatsApp content from one device to another in a simple and easy way retaining all messages, photos, videos and documents on the new device.

The WhatsApp content transfer is not limited to devices with the same Operating System. It allows for seamless WhatsApp content transfer between devices of different operating systems.

It includes both Android to iOS and iOS to Android in addition to same OS transfers.

This new feature removes another obstacle for end-users to switch to a new device and allows them to walk out working with a fully loaded new device. In addition, it sweetens any repair event and prevents data loss.

Increase customer satisfaction, provide the best in class mobile device customer service and sell more using mce's solutions with this newly added feature.

Contact sales@mce.systems to learn more and deploy at your locations!