mce Retail

PC Based, software solution for retail Mobile Care
Empowering Care

When customers arrive to your retail location, they expect to get the highest level of service. They expect it to be as quick as possible, and as efficient as possible.

When the experience doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, it can results with lower NPS, an inability to generate new revenues and business, or even losing the customer.

mce Retail enables best-in-class sale and service experience to your customers.

Key Features

mce Retail main features include:

  • SW/HW Diagnostics and issue resolution

  • Device HealthCheck

  • Content Transfer and new device on-boarding

  • Content Full Migration

  • Data Wipe

  • Software Flash and Update

  • Device Reset

  • Device Audit

  • Configurable processes

  • Centrally managed

  • Customer facing

  • Customer printout

  • Omni-channel ready

sw Flashing.png

Key Advantages 

  • Enterprise grade, IT friendly deployment and updates with highest security and privacy standards

  • Multiple layouts - available in Sales Rep mode, Technical Rep mode, Assisted and Self-Serve (kiosk)

  • Omni-channel connectivity

  • Telco Grade BI and Data

  • Reliable and Fast

  • Fast ROI

  • Increases NPS dramatically

  • Reduces NFF rates

  • Configurable processes - enforce your business processes

  • Fully brandable and customizable

  • Easy to use, minimum training required

Reduce NFF & Increase NPS

mce addresses KPI's relating to churn avoidance and returns. Our solutions decrease NFF (No Fault Found) significantly while increasing customer satisfaction and raising NPS (Net Promoter Scope) to new level.

Building Experiences

Solution is not just about tools. In order to provide a great customer experience, mce offers you to design business processes using different tools. With mce you can design your choice of customer experience that will be used across all your stores, all the time.

Auto Recognition


Health Check

Content Transfer

Software Flashing


Backup & Restore



And many more...

Flexibility is Key

Features can be deployed separately to answer specific needs or bundled together to offer the ultimate and complete retail customer experience







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