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Telecom businesses are not the same, each has its own restrictions, priorities and resources. Our experts help your teams to increase customer satisfaction in the way that works best for you. We design, develop, test and deploy solutions to automate business processes across any touchpoint ensuring accuracy, reliability and overall success.

Business Processes

We design and enable omni-channel customer journeys for business processes. From on-boarding customers and enabling self-service to handling repairs and returns. We reduce costs and handling time while increasing NPS. 

Training Services

We believe good systems and tools should be simple to use, yet still, we need to train the folks from time to time. Our training teams have vast experience training entire estates using train-the-trainer sessions, webinars, regional training, interactive training and creating localized training materials.

Line Automation

We have seen a faire share of mobile logistics hubs and repair facilities. We help comply with customer privacy and transparency requirements while streamlining efficiency and volume per hour rates using the latest automation innovations, systems integrations and process enforcement engines.

Digital and Future Store

Our engineers specialize in Online & On-device portals and apps tailored to your needs, but we don't stop there - we see the big picture so sometimes our projects include exciting aspects with connecting stuff that never connected before to achieve that superior experience. If your project has the following in it, we should talk: Customer, Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Register, Activation System, CRM, User Area, Accessories, Select a Plan, Cue, Digital Signage, rep Tablet.


We help OEMs provide better mobile care for their products developing software for end users on the OEM Website as well as an integrated part of the handset / tablet / IOT device. On the service front we develop official OEM multi-port diagnostics tools to be used on authorized repair facilities and centers. 


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Trade-in & Buyback providers

Working on mobile devices for over 10 years made us appreciate device value, we know how to best identify and evaluate a device to give your customers the maximum value available. We develop integrated white-labeled applications to complete a trade smoothly - testing, grading, quoting, notifying, ordering pickup, removing locks and more. Work doesn't stop there - we automate your incoming line to compare results and act accordingly. Bulk buyers like to get stock from vendors using our services - as they know the list is precise and accurate. 


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