• Ralph Lat

mce releases Logistics Wipe machine

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

mce introduces a revolution in mobile device wipe automation. Improving the already industry fastest multi-device wiping solution.

The new wipe machine is optimized to deliver the fastest and most secure wipe an mce solution has ever provided.

This new solution allows logistics facilities handling repair, recycle and trade-in devices to be GDPR compliant and improve on wipe performance and enforcement. Processing hundreds of devices every hour, from any device make or model (Android, iOS, you name it). Supporting wipe for up to 60 device simultaneously!

The Wipe machine not only wipes the devices but also verifies device locks (e.g. Apple FMIP, Google FRP, Samsung lock, and more) and validates SIM card and SD card are uninstalled or clear.

This new release bundles a multitude of technology improvements mce's engineers has been working on in the past 12 month to achieve a super-fast, fully automatic process. No user interaction required (other than plugging in the USB cable to the device, if you don't have a robot doing it).

If you process a lot of devices and need a quick, secure and simple solution for your facility, contact our logistics experts : sales@mce.systems

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